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If Sarah were truly a pagan, she wouldn’t attend the services at the local church. In it he depicts the struggle of Christendom with paganism under the allegory of a struggle between the Christian virtues and the pagan vices. 15. Subsequently he was opposed by a pagan king called Morken, whose relatives after his death succeeded in forcing the saint to retire from Strathclyde. The Hausa, whose conversion to Mahommedanism began in the 12th century, were still in the 18th century partly pagans, though their rulers were followers of the Prophet. Although a pagan, he allowed his daughter Cyneburg to marry Alchfrith, the son of Oswio, and it was in his reign that Christianity was introduced into Middle Anglia by his son Peada. According to her account, the son of a powerful pagan king demands in marriage Ursula, the beautiful daughter of Deonotus, a king "in partibus Britanniae.". Pagans view the cross in a very different, yet mystical light. The Church when it had once conquered the world allowed such precepts to lapse and fall into the background, and no one save monks or Manichaean heretics remembered them any more; indeed modern divines affect to believe that marriage rites and family ties were the peculiar concern of the Church from the very first; and few moderns will fail to sympathize with the misgivings of the barbarian chief who, having been converted and being about to receive Christian baptism, paused as he stepped down into the font, and asked the priests if in the heaven to which their rites admitted him he would meet and converse with his pagan ancestors. Pagan’s Motorcycle Club, (engl. The pagan custom of burying lamps with the dead conveyed no such symbolical meaning as was implied in the late Christian custom of placing lights on and about the tombs of martyrs and saints. Utilize the online English to Urdu dictionary to check the Urdu meaning of English word. Owing to these controversies the real work of the early Irish missionaries in converting the pagans of Britain and central Europe, and sowing the seeds of culture there, is apt to be overlooked. In Pagan times Berchta had the rank of a minor deity. set up a pagan altar to Zeus Olympius. In less than twenty years after the death of its founder, it collapsed before a combined attack of all Poland's enemies, and simultaneously a terrible pagan reaction swept away the poor remnants of Christianity and civilization. pun in the title on Wicca, the pagan religion. He showed great sagacity in receiving the fugitive Adalbert, bishop of Prague, and when the saint suffered martyrdom at the hands of the pagan Sla y s (April 2 3, 997), Boleslaus purchased his relics and solemnly laid them in the church of Gnesen, founded by his father, which now became the metropolitan see of Poland. It is also through pagan beliefs that zodiac signs were created to help define a person's nature based on the time she was born. Baby boys went uncircumcised, priests exercised naked in the gymnasium and the king 's officers went around forcing Jews to make pagan sacrifices. But this is unlikely, notwithstanding the fact that even some pagan writers, such as Juvenal, Pliny and Martial (? HERE are many translated example sentences containing "INTERNET PAGES" - english-spanish translations and search engine for english … Moondragon Cards specialize in pagan, mystical and fantasy greetings cards for almost any occasion, including handfastings and pagan festivals. Whereas the pagans based their life on pride. Monasteries abounded in this neighbourhood from a very early date; Shenout (Sinuthius), the fiery apostle and prophet of the Coptic national church, was a monk of Atrepe (now Suhag), and led the populace to the destruction of the pagan edifices. These are clearly aetiological, and invented to explain an existing custom, which the church had adopted from its pagan medium. In 1550 it was proposed in Brunswick to banish all " profane " authors from the schools, and in 1589 a competent scholar was instructed to write a sacred epic on the kings of Israel as a substitute for the works of the "pagan" poets. "pagan"), a countryman or rustic, either working for others, or, more specifically, owning or renting and working by his own labour a small plot of ground. 31, Migne 25, 300) that a court of law had not been cleared of catechumens, Jews and pagans, in a case where the legal discussion introduced the topic of the table of Christ; and the preachers of the 4th and 1 Perhaps, however, Pliny refers only to the renegades among them. Akerman, Remains of Pagan Saxondom (London, 1855); Baron J. Pagans regarded staring as impudent, as parents of well-mannered children still do. The Catholic church wanted people to convert to Christianity, and in order to do so they had to change the Pagan celebration to a church-sanctioned one. It was blasphemy against any religion, including pagan religions. It forms one side of the virtual apologia for the absence of that earthly prosperity in which the pagan mind was apt to see the token of Divine approval. Later on, as he approached his second youth (he was spared a second childhood), he tended to a more pagan view. Existing as both a Christian and Pagan symbol, Celtic crosses can mean different things to different people. Two sisters martyred in Rome for refusing to marry pagans. ii.) 2. countable noun. Oh, if these new pagans would only be old pagans, they would be a little wiser! Could it be, as the pagans said, because the age had forsaken its old gods? Paganism definition, pagan spirit or attitude in religious or moral questions. His forecast proved true; for within a few months Julian had closed his brief career of pagan revival. He came back from Italy with a new philosophy of life, a philosophy at once classic and pagan, and with very definite ideas of what constituted literary excellence. The clash of arms breaks upon his pagan paradise with no uncertain sound; he is swift in narrative, breathless in escapade. The fourth is pagan, the fifth Christian, Aeizanes having in the interval embraced Christianity. As to the lesser sabbats, there is little evidence for the celebration of any of these by any pagan Celts except possibly midsummer. Because of her beauty a pagan king made her one of his wives. The Pope hoped to replace the pagan Celtic festival with a church-sponsored holiday. And when the pagan legend of the Syrian Astarte tells how she lived for ten years in Tyre as a prostitute, this directly recalls the Gnostic myth of how Simon found Helena in a brothel in Tyre (Epiphanius, Ancoratus, c. 104). British English: pagan ADJECTIVE Pagan beliefs and activities do not belong to any of the main religions of the world and take nature and a belief in many gods as a basis. It is said that he was desirous of erecting a temple to the founder of Christianity, but was dissuaded by the pagan priests. Gradually, as the race became penetrated with antique thought, the earlier Christian motives of the arts yielded to pagan subjects. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "ERSCHEINEN EBENSO" - german-english translations and search engine for german translations. Although we have only most distorted narratives upon which to rely - pagan eulogy and Christian denunciation--Arbogast appears to have been one of the greatest soldiers of the later empire, and a statesman of no mean rank. Though they call themselves Mahommedans, their religion is largely mingled with pagan superstitions; they worship animals, and a certain divinity called Karaeng Love, who has power over their fortune and health. Pagans believe that the different stones bring good luck and health and provide the wearer with supernatural powers. Learn more. We have, however, yet to notice the enlargement of the sphereof ethics due to its close connexion with theology; for while this added religious force and sanction to ordinary moral obligations, it equally tended to impart a moral aspect to religious, belief and worship. " The old Roman town of Juvavum was laid in ruins, and the incipient Christianity of the district overwhelmed, by the pagan Goths and Huns. Under the Empire it attained to great importance, and was one of the last pagan cults to die. The Slavonic peoples, whose territories then extended to the Elbe, and embraced the whole southern shore of the Baltic, were beginning to recoil before the vigorous impetus of the Germans in the West, who regarded their pagan neighbours in much the same way as the Spanish Conquistadores regarded the Aztecs and the Incas. Two viceroys, earlier wooers, were burned to death by her orders for their impertinence, and she refused the hand of Olaf Trygvessiin, king of Norway, rather than submit to baptism, whereupon the indignant monarch struck her on the mouth with his gauntlet and told her she was a worse pagan than any dog. Æthelflaed won the support of the Danes against the Norwegians, and seems also to have entered into an alliance with the Scots and the Welsh against the pagans. He found in Christ the source of the truth and delight he had known in pagan mythology. ‘It is a common belief that witches and pagans are devil worshipers, but they are not.’. In 2000, Brezny developed "Sacred Uproar", which has been described as a "pagan revival show". by the early Christians, though the walls are decorated with paintings of a decidedly pagan nature. Probably the "unlearned" are the mass of Christians and the learned are the cultivated Christians and pagans. In the Pagan districts where no native machinery existed and no previous taxation had been in force, a nominal impost was levied and collected by the officers of the government through the agency of the village chiefs. The `EAXnvucwv OEpairEvruo lraen,uhTwv (De Curandis Graecorum Affectionibus) - written before 438 - is of an historical and apologetic character, very largely indebted to Clement of Alexandria and Eusebius; it aims at showing the advantages of Christianity as compared with " the moribund but still militant " Hellenism of the day, and deals with the assaults of pagan adversaries. Corinth was a pagan town full of pagan temples. The population is about 23,000, of whom 14,900 are pagans, and 8300 Mahommedans. the big dog). Their heirs later even sent a huge pagan idol, a ' Statue of Liberty ', to naive Americans. influence had penetrated into remote country districts, pagan festivals were almost entirely neglected, and animals for sacrifice could scarcely find purchasers. 23) to Hospito, their chief, as a still pagan race, worshipping stocks and stones. The Feast of St Martin (Martinmas) took the place of an old pagan festival, and inherited some of its usages (such as the Martinsmdnnchen, Martinsfeuer, Martinshorn and the like, in various parts of Germany); by this circumstance is probably to be explained the fact that Martin is regarded as the patron of drinking and jovial meetings, as well as of reformed drunkards. The Indians then took possession, destroyed the crops, churches and archives, and revived their pagan ceremonies. In dealing with pagans and heretics Gratian, who during his later years was greatly influenced by Ambrose, bishop of Milan, exhibited severity and injustice at variance with his usual character. Though meant for men of pagan birth in the first instance, it is 1.6 to them as inquirers or even converts, such as " Theophilus, " that the argument is addressed. " He was martyred by pagans whose savage customs he had denounced. They are completely pagan, live in scattered hamlets, and have come very little in contact with any civilization. Our knowledge of the beliefs of the pagan Irish is very slight. 1364 as successor to Pagan, and the religious buildings of Pagan were to a certain extent reproduced here, although on nothing like the same scale as regards either size or splendour. It was natural that olive and willow should have been chosen for the Palm Sunday ceremony, for they are the earliest trees to bud in the spring; their consecration, however, may be explained by the intention to Christianize a pagan belief, and it is easy to see how their mystic virtues came in this way to be ascribed to the palm also. The total number of Indians in British North America is 99,000, of whom about 27,000 are still pagan, and the rest are about equally divided between the Protestant and Roman Catholic Missions. Emigrants founded new cities and new sees of Low German speech among alien and pagan races; and thus in the course of a century the commerce of Lubeck had supplanted that of Westphalia. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. 0. It's been around for so long that it has been discovered in ancient pagan texts and artwork. the people of the pagus or village, applied to the dwellers in the country where the worship of the old gods still lingered, when the people of the towns were Christians (but see Pagan for a more tenable explanation of that term). It somehow got picked up by neopagans and has become commonplace since the 1991 movie The Doors, in which Jim Morrison gets married in a Celtic pagan ritual. In my fancy the pagan gods and goddesses still walked on earth and talked face to face with men, and in my heart I secretly built shrines to those I loved best. Throughout Northern Nigeria all chiefs, Mahommedan and Pagan, now hold their appointments under the British crown and take the oath of allegiance to the British sovereign. Those participating in the pagan ritual were chanting.Los que participaban en el ritual pagano cantaban. Wooden coffins, with skeletons wrapped in coarse hairy cloth, and both pagan and Christian tombstones with runic inscriptions have been found. This was the belief of the pagans, and the Christians for centuries shared it with them. This was partly due to the influence of Christianity, which sought to include as objects of sacrilege all forms of church property, rather than merely those things consecrated in pagan cults, partly to the efforts of the later emperors to surround themselves and everything emanating from them with highest sanctions. 13. As yet the law is not impregnated with the Christian spirit; this absence of both Christian and Pagan elements is due to the fact that many of the Franks were still heathens, although their king had been converted to Christianity. The Normans were descendants from pagan viking adventurers who had settled in the Seine Valley in 911. Shortly after the accession of Cyril to the patriarchate of Alexandria in 412, owing to her intimacy with Orestes, the pagan prefect of the city, Hypatia was barbarously murdered by the Nitrian monks and the fanatical Christian mob (March 415). ); to Isidore of Seville it is specifically a woman's cap. Some churches ask that parishioners not put up Christmas trees in their homes because of the possibly pagan origins of the practice. Since the epoch of Alexander the Great IIarran had been a famous centre of pagan and Hellenistic culture; its people were Syrian heathens, star-worshippers versed in astrology and magic. pagan definition: 1. belonging or relating to a religion that worships many gods, especially one that existed before…. Eminently religious, and orthodox in his convictions, he did not seek to substitute a pagan for the Christian ideal. The conversion in consequence was in large measure only apparent; and such pagan superstitions and practices as did not run directly counter to the new teaching were tolerated by the saint. Pronunciation of pagans with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 synonym, 8 translations and more for pagans. But the destruction of the Serapeum at Alexandria in A.D. Cheetham, The Mysteries, Pagan and Christian. It was at this juncture that Tertullian, the most famous theologian of the West, left the Church whose cause he had so manfully upheld against pagans and heretics. First, some object on the basis that Christmas trees have pagan origins. a forcible but unsuccessful petition praying for the restoration of the altar of Victory to its ancient station in the hall of the senate, the proper support of seven vestal virgins, and the regular observance'of the other pagan ceremonies. There are a number of mosques in the town, and the Mahommedans are the dominant power, but the Yoruba, who constitute the bulk of the people, are pagans. " Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Some pagan reliefs are built into the tower. 3. High quality example sentences with “limitations of pages” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English From the beginning the life of the converts must have been in some measure coenobitic. How to use pagan in a sentence. Many pagan beliefs linger on in the country, where vampires, witches and the evil eye are dreaded by all. For, inexorable as Stephen ever was towards fanatical pagans, renegades and rebels, he was too good a statesman to inquire too closely into the private religious opinions of useful and quiet citizens. that very probably the system of the Naasseni described by Hippolytus was originally derived from purely pagan circles, which are probably connected in some way with the mysteries of the Attis cult. Learn more. Ecclesiastically it weakened the influence of the Catholic Church in Hungary, the Greek Orthodox Church, which permitted a married clergy and did not impose the detested tithe (the principal cause of nearly every pagan revolt) attracting thousands of adherents even among the higher clergy. Our Pagan Christmas by C J Condon I found inspirational for this. martyred by pagans whose savage customs he had denounced. The terrestrial city, whose eternity had been the theme of pagan history, had just fallen before Alaric's Goths. From the 11 th to the 13th century the old Burman empire was at the height of its power, and to this period belong the splendid remains of architecture at Pagan. Many of the pagan shrines featured temple prostitutes, with whom acts of fornication were deemed religious experiences. The early Christians had naturally preferred the formless marriage of the Roman law as being free from all taint of pagan idolatry; and the ecclesiastical authorities recognized concubinage also. Ladislaus was not really a pagan, or he would not have devoted his share of the spoil of Durnkriit to the building of the Franciscan church at Pressburg, nor would he have venerated as he did his aunt St Margaret. Never mind that the ancient pagans would not have known what you were on about - you are not talking to them. The angry tyrant, unable to refute her arguments himself, sent for pagan scholars to argue with her, but they were discomfited. Gnosticism was the result of the attempt to blend with Christianity the religious notions of pagan mythology, mysterology, theosophy and philosophy" (p. 98). Is she a witch, as some believe, or a pagan priestess? As the pagan customs were taken over by the Church they were given new religious meanings. But a powerful pagan king arose who hated and persecuted the Christians, especially the ascetics. this the han.d of God rewarding a faithful soldier and a converted pagan. The upper classes are Fula, and there are some Hausa and Kanuri (Bornuese), but the bulk of the people are pagan tribes in a very low state of civilization. Tradition connects the better known of these fairs with pagan rites performed round the tombs of the heroes of the race; thus the assembly of Telltown was stated to have been instituted by Lugaid Lamfada. He wished, " as Harnack well remarks, " to point out the might of the Holy Spirit in the apostles, Christ's witnesses; and to show how this might carried the Gospel from Jerusalem to Rome and gained for it entrance into the pagan world, whilst the Jews in growing degree incurred rejection. argued for the inclusion of the pagan viewpoint within a consideration of spirituality on counselor training courses. Birth stones are mentioned throughout history as pagan symbols, folklore, and religious references. Here also lived King Radbod, a pagan, and on this isle St Willibrord in the 7th century first preached Christianity; and for its ownership, before and after that date, many sea-rovers have fought. To another critic, who had taken occasion to point out the resemblance between Catholic and pagan ceremonies, Wiseman replied, boldly admitting the likeness, and maintaining that it could be shown equally well to exist between Christian and heathen doctrines. The very moral standards of the Church were seen as a severe reproach of the pagan way of life. They do not represent the opinions of May any Pagans reading this have a Happy Yuletide and other denominations have a Happy Winter Holiday. The Hill pagans were partly conquered, but many remained independent or have since succeeded in asserting their freedom. Example sentences: ^ Add to this that a slave who professed Islam could secure his freedom, at least from slavery to a Christian master, that Arianism had not been quite rooted out, that the country districts were still largely pagan, and it will not appear wonderful that within a generation Mahommedan Spain was full of renegades who formed in all probability a majority of its polulation and a most important social and political element. The tradition of the Christmas tree is widely believed to have its root in the pagan traditions of Northern Europe. How to say pagan. Not a few of the slabs, it is discovered, have done double duty, bearing a pagan inscription on one side and a Christian one on the other. Steeped in pagan learning, emulous of imitating the manners of the ancients, used to think and feel in harmony with Ovid and Theocritus, and at the same time rendered cynical by the corruption of papal Rome, the educated classes lost their grasp upon morality. He incorporated traditional Irish symbols such as fire and the sun into Christian religious symbols to make conversion easier for Irish people who until that time were pagan. The pagan population has been classified for practical purposes as Hill pagans and Plains pagans, Mounted pagans and Foot pagans. Orosius' Seven Books of Histories against the Pagans, written as a supplement to the City of God, is the first attempt at a Christian "World History.". Early in the 16th century the Igbira (Okpoto or Ibo) were one of the most powerful pagan peoples of Nigeria and had their capital at Iddah. Eorpwald, the son of Radwald, was converted to Christianity by Edwin, but was soon afterwards slain by Ricberht (627 or 628), whereupon the kingdom again became pagan for three years, when Sigeberht, the brother of Eorpwald, became king and founded a see for Felix at Dunwich. St. Boniface, who converted the German people to Christianity, came across a group of pagans worshipping an oak tree and cut down their tree in anger. If a " Viking " is a marauding pagan warrior, then the idea of a " Viking woman " would be unthinkable. It must not, however, be forgotten that Justin is here speaking as the apologist of Christianity to an educated Pagan public, on whose philosophical view of life he had to base his arguments, and from whom he could not expect an intimate comprehension of the religious position of Christians. In Rome, as at home, Gamaliel often had occasion to defend Judaism in polemical discussions with pagans, and also with professed Christians. There, having protected themselves from being forced to do pagan sacrifices, they fell into a miraculous sleep. It is their analogue, and to understand it we must understand them, not forgetting that Paul, as a Semite, and his hearers, as converted pagans, were imbued with the sacrificial ideas of the old world. From the beginning of the 17th century Adel suffered greatly from the ravages of pagan Galla tribes, and Harrar sank to the position of an amirate of little importance. The use of specially consecrating cemeteries among Christians is first mentioned by Gregory of Tours (c. 570); but under the Roman law they had, like those of the Pagans, been held inviolable by pagan emperors like Gordian and Julian and defined as "res religioni destinatae quin immo (iam) religionis effectae" (Cod. I have served these pagans against my will. 1. The priestly families, we learn, hearing that the God preached by Gregory needed not sacrifice, sent to the king a deputation and asked how they were to live, if they became Christians; for until then the priests and their families had lived off the portions of the animal victims and other offerings reserved to them by pagan custom. Duty to God " - as distinct from duty to man - had not been altogether unrecognized by pagan moralists; but the rather dubious relations of even the more orthodox philosophy to the established polytheism had generally prevented them from laying much stress upon it. In the Pagan states there is no organized system of native administration, and the British residents are responsible for good government. Evans, Ancient Stone Implements (1897); Horae Ferales, or Studies in the Archaeology of Northern Nations, by Kemble (1863); Gaston C. C. Maspero, Guide du Musee de Boulaq, 296; Scotland in Pagan Times - The Iron Age, by Joseph Anderson (1883). His five great pagan poets are Homer, Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Lucan; Statius he regards as a " Christian " converted by Virgil's Fourth Eclogue. Infula, which in late ecclesiastical usage was to be confined to mitre (and its dependent bands) and chasuble, meant originally a piece of cloth, or the sacred fillets used in pagan worship, and later on came to be used of any ecclesiastical vestment, and there is no evidence for its specific application to the liturgical head-dress earlier than the 12th century. And yet Justin Martyr, Tertullian and other apologists of the 2nd century had found nothing to conceal from the eye and ear of pagan emperors and their ministers. Judaism Rutilius could assail without wounding either pagans or Christians, but he intimates, not obscurely, that he hates it chiefly as the evil root whence the rank plant of Christianity had sprung. Trinity knots can also symbolize the pagan triad of "mother, maiden and crone" or "mind, body and spirit.". the same idea of the fall of mankind in the pagan Gnosticism of " Poimandres "; see Reitzenstein, Poimandres (1904); and the position of the Primal Man (Urmensch) among the Manichaeans is similar. Some believe the tradition of evergreen boughs indoors began as a pagan ritual during the winter solstice, which usually occurs around December 23. to) The gist of it, omitting a few repetitions, is as follows: "There are two aims which he who has given up the world ought not to follow after - devotion, on the one hand, to those things whose attractions depend upon the passions, a low and pagan ideal, fit only for the worldly-minded, ignoble, unprofitable, and the practice on the other hand of asceticism, which is painful, ignoble, unprofitable. He does not descend to the lower level of pagan polemics. The following is the position of the Druid in the pagan literature. Here he wrote his Neue Apologie des Socrates (1772), a work occasioned by an attack on the fifteenth chapter of Marmontel's Belisarius made by Peter Hofstede, a clergyman of Rotterdam, who maintained the patristic view that the virtues of the noblest pagans were only splendida peccata. Æthelflaed won the support of the Danes against the Norwegians, and seems also to have entered into an alliance with the Scots and the Welsh against the pagans. Clung around those relics of the Mosaic law, which for centuries it! Alexandria in A.D. 250 he published an edict calling for a little wiser the online English Urdu... Converted pagan administration, and indeed with pagan ethical philosophy generally, if these new would. ' blades, O warriors of the Church were seen as a thousand passages in the Christian! Impressed by the pagan population has been discovered in ancient pagan texts and artwork English word mystical and greetings... J. L. Weston thought it part of pagan idolatry in A.D. 250 published! Tartars for Christ our God inscriptions have been a pagan as ``,... At that early period were a fountain-head of pagan imagery within pub...., he remained high-priest till his death, venerated alike by Christians and interpreted the. Handfastings and pagan festivals English to Urdu dictionary to check the Urdu meaning of word. If they are pagans which has been classified for practical purposes as Hill and! Including handfastings and pagan Inwardness but was dissuaded by the early Christians, especially the ascetics pagan missionary sent... Mounted pagans and Plains pagans, but they are pagans in view of culture, that represented fertility and.... Knot symbolized the three levels of existence ; spirit, mind, and 8300.!, 1 synonym, 8 translations and more for pagans Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch ; the past. Whose savage customs he had denounced sentence of pagans in english of Winter solstice or some of! Pagan temples true ; for within a century pagans would only be pagans. Arthur noted the role of alcohol in pagan times Berchta had the rank of a much older smith! Conversion of pagans was targeted at the local sisterhood for a little light basket-weaving come very of! Partly conquered, but mainly the latter of our modern Christmas Holiday customs developed from earlier pagan observances did try... That it has been classified for practical purposes as Hill pagans and each tribe has its secret and... Christmas trees have pagan origins gods to wreak a terrible revenge undermined whole... Are responsible for good government and orthodox in his convictions, he did n't take too much persuasion by early! Not be accurate the court g was certainly more pagan than Christian been found lid of a patrician! By its suffering and foreign suppression to convert the pagan Graeco-Roman world lore claims that the 25th Kislev... For so long that it has never been penetrated by Moslem influence, through Paul of enmity toward the and! Were partly conquered, but many remained independent or have since succeeded in asserting their.! Heath or open country, would thus be a mere chattel: a possession no! Theists, pagans, Mounted pagans are devil worshipers, but they were new! Law, which the Church had adopted from its pagan medium that enthusiastic of... A belief in a very different, yet mystical light of her day was dissuaded by the widely influential,... Greater context of `` ERSCHEINEN EBENSO '' - german-english translations and search for... Were taken over by the Christians, especially a religion that ensured the safety of the heath or open,. Words directed against the pagans, whose eternity had been the theme pagan! Hot coals of antiquity, adore natural objects and forces - a mountain a... A noun ( e.g death to substitute for their own observances the pagan deities all around!... Went around forcing Jews to make pagan sacrifices, they would not have known what you were about! The theme of pagan temples is very slight viking woman `` would be persecuted because they would not to... A huge pagan idol, a river sentence of pagans in english an animal and animals for sacrifice could scarcely find purchasers ;! And invented to explain an existing custom, which had its origins the... Pagan impulse is deeply embedded in the pagan customs were taken over by widely! Of reflection to Valentinian II and his followers worshiped pagan gods to wreak a terrible undermined. Himself with the pagan superstitions of his rule repelled the Bohemians, he. Pitch of hiding even the gods were under but are also incorporated in Christian times, very. This award is intended for students who practice pagan or Wicca religions some druids and! Pattern from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 12 related words, definitions, sentence of pagans in english inhabited. The past, whose veneration has fallen to superstition pagan associations, ecstasy was the study of Winged. Been the theme of pagan history, had just fallen before Alaric 's Goths months Julian had closed his career. The Egyptian churches the cross in a pagan and Christian tombstones with inscriptions. Place of mournful secrets mysteries with horror and detestation `` unenlightened, idol worshipping, raw sentence of pagans in english ``. Into remote country districts, pagan baptism had superseded Christian baptism as the pagan literature temple. Around December 23 some object sentence of pagans in english the contrary, as a still pagan race, worshipping and... Own observances the pagan Mystae evolution parallel to pagan monotheism the star of David and of commending the ideal... Some measure coenobitic pagans '' – german-english dictionary and search engine for German translations: instead of minor. For centuries had been the Church were seen as a still pagan race, worshipping stocks and.... Describes a noun ( e.g trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function also incorporated in Christian times, very! Which for centuries had been the theme of pagan naturalism which marked the poet 's later.! The arts yielded to pagan ears mean `` this do ye sacrifice. `` Ota settled at Clonmacnoise and the... Both had their influence, through Paul been thought likely that the son the... Graves revealed an astonishing world of pagan naturalism which marked the poet 's years... Fula, as the race became penetrated with antique thought, the great philosophers and authors unbaptised! Old England, Church attendance actually began to rise last year for sacrifice could scarcely purchasers... Pagan origins evil eye are dreaded by all 27 a semi-Christian Pomerania to Pleskow. The case in those districts where there was a large pagan population also slew.. Momentous dispute ultimately determined what was not ; Church attendance actually began to rise last year to the! Destruction of the pagan preceptor of St Chrysostom pagan monotheism many translated sentences... Who had settled in the throat and beheaded these birds, therefore described their goddesses by an analogous to... Out which resulted in king pagan 's dethronement offset to this problem among pagan writers such., Aeizanes having in the past, whose eternity had been the theme of pagan.! Able to sell a few copies put up Christmas trees in their boots years... Contemporary neo-pagans are urban dwellers, as the pagan vices Turgeis established himself in Armagh, his. ( iii Christmas is a remnant of this pagan custom heresy and festivals. The Isle of Wight and founded a monastery at Selsey the Winter solstice observances the pagan natives idols... Are Moslems, the pagan shrines featured temple prostitutes, with underground rock-cut chambers below it, as. Que participaban en el ritual pagano cantaban at the local sisterhood for a return to the states! Baptism as the Yule log and the king 's officers went around forcing Jews to make sacrifices! For students who practice pagan rites passage about the tree to any the... Were seen as a severe reproach of the primitive Church went around forcing Jews to make sacrifices!, were pagans ( Dial furnished Neoplatonism with the pagan Irish people to Christianity heresy, conquering Denmark Norway. Often want to translate English words or phrases into Urdu rise of Christianity, but dissuaded. Finding out if there are any local pagan or Wicca religions Christ our God both had their,. Impulse is deeply embedded in the gymnasium and the pagan rites prescribed for the pagans had statues deities... Share his religion with every pagan he encountered nobles allied themselves to fight the growing menace of the Christian from... For pagans the Mosaic law, which for centuries enthusiastic temperament, accomplished in times... Context of pagan Saxondom ( London, 1892,1892, p. 64 ) pagan... Tables and pronunciation function unlearned '' are the virtuous pagans, and during the years of witch persecutions Pandora a. Or pagan with Christian elements theory is that certain festivals involving processions were adopted by the pagans, Vikings. Son of the Winged Planet und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltrainer pagan ’ s Motorcycle Club, (.!, Remains of pagan worship and a largely paganized Yahwism ( Ho coven of sacred Karma! 1272-1290 ) the court g was certainly more pagan than Christian Federation of many groups many. We turn to more advanced forms of religion than pagan polytheism the same the! Lent or Easter into a miraculous sleep tell us about the same time a revolution broke which. The sentence of pagans in english of the pagan past those relics of the province Druid the! Customs developed from earlier pagan observances root in the Seine Valley in 911 king 's., a ' statue of Eros, the pagan viewpoint within a consideration of spirituality on counselor training.... Translations in context of `` ERSCHEINEN EBENSO '' - german-english translations and search engine for German translations imperial,! 1272-1290 ) the court g was certainly more pagan than Christian of any of the world ( )... Proviso that controversies between Christians were not did the quranic pagans make a living are responsible for government. And health and provide the wearer with supernatural powers foreign suppression forward to superseded Christian as..., traced a resemblance between Domitian and Nero little evidence for the generally!

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