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Catherine Holm I can’t promise velvet will withstand all scratching with no damage. Told that she is funny but doesn’t know it, accused of being an unintentional con artist by her husband, quiet, with frequent unannounced bursts into dancing liveliness, Cat Holm loves writing about, working for, and living with cats. Cats in general don’t seem to like leather as much as other materials. Mine is all around fully leather my cats have never even tried and I’ve had them sense babies and has claws it may not be kitties fault. These chairs are covered with ultrasuede. Small Cat Trees & Towers That Pack a Lot of Punch for Their Compact Size, Protect Walls & Furniture from Kitty Claws: Scratch Guards & Corner Posts. Again, while there’s no perfectly cat proof couch, there’s a lot you can do to minimize the amount of wear and tear you’ll get from a healthy dose of whiskered shenanigans over the years. Of course, we all know each of our lovelies has their own personality! Maybe the stiffer leather lounges with the studs around them might not interest them. Choosing a sofa with wood framing will significantly decrease the likelihood of scratching. Ones that hold up to scratches best? I would just like to say that the idea of leather being the number one choice is way off. It is TERRIBLE! I haven’t checked into it yet, but will do so soon. I replaced with a tighter woven cotton fabric. Try These Couch Protector Covers, Enrich Indoor Cat Life on a Budget: Inexpensive Cat Trees (Big & Small). Cat owners rejoice! She doesn’t, however, scratch wood. Thank you so much for sharing this tip, I think I may actually give it a try, especially since I know one of my cats to absolutely dread the smell of citrus (especially oranges!) (And cat vomit wipes up easily from it, although you need to catch it since it can discolour the leather if you miss it for a day.) I agree. And it stained badly. Most of my wood door facings in the house have felt the attentions of the cats’ claws, as well ; ). William Callahan calls it the world’s healthiest and easiest to maintain furniture for people and pets. Finally, Tamalpais NatureWorks recommends modular furniture made of wood and steel joinery. If you dont have to have the chair look nice it could be a good option – Ian Aug 22 '16 at 22:22 also I do this on all my furniture and have used this method to train my cats not to scratch on furniture. I also sit by and gently pet kitty while he/she eats at the cat bowl. These cat sofa protectors are very strong and hardly noticeable. That wasn’t a typo. They don’t. Thanks so much! Fingers crossed! I have some cheap IKEA furniture with canvas slip covers that he never touches and we have had them for 16 years. Has anyone had any experience with how it works with cats? The ideal is to have a scratching post, scratch pad, or cat tree in every room your cat frequents. I promised I’d touch on this topic back in the intro, so here’s my advice. Unlike fabric, they only need to scratch once to cause irreparable damage. Leather has been a pretty good option but not perfect. Very shiddish & hides alot. Another benefit? These leather and metal chairs along with a metal coffee table work well for the client who owns a cat. Worked for us! Cats scratch furniture for a variety of reasons, including a lack of alternatives. My male cat, having not been “fixed” is not allowed inside the main part of the house and certainly not on the couch (he stays in the 4-season porch). This article is completely misleading. The cat almost never touches the new fabric, instead continuing to prefer the scratching post next to the chair. I’m not responsible for the idiot enslavers/breeders of non-wild cats/animals in history, and I will minimize corrupting my soul by cooperating with the evils of others. – keshlam Aug 22 '16 at 2:43 I put a blanket over my computer chair to keep the leather. What furniture materials do you think are ideal for cat owners? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases; learn more here. If you would like to learn more about Burrow’s furniture — which includes chairs, sofas, loveseats, ... We Tried It: Unleashing a Cat on Burrow's Scratch-Resistant Furniture. Not every piece of advice will work in every situation. Leather sure didn’t deter our cats from scratching up a chair! The couch I got was a fabric something like corderoy, but a little heavier. All rights reserved. Two of them scratched my leather sofa and one did not. Ann Catanzaro cat fantasy story gift books, How to Catify Your Home to Welcome a New Cat, Kittens in Your Future? Cats love well designed scratching posts, and the placement of such alternatives to furniture can make all the difference. Hey Catherine, either doesn’t have cats or they are declawed or works for a leather upholstery company. The Best Kind of Upholstered Furniture for a Home With Cats. I looked at this thread before I got a couch and had some grave (possibly irrational) concerns with my cats causing severe couch damage. However, the cat’s claws pull threads on the towels. If your cat is scratching your couch because she is feeling stressed, Feliway can help. Really happy to update this list if there’s a better solution out there. They started in on that one. Cat’s can scratch microfiber, they can scratch almost anything with their razor sharp claws. Offer to amputate your friends’ fingers at the first joint, see how she would like that. Thanks for pointing out that a piece of furniture with a chenille fabric will be durable since it will be able to withstand animals such as cats. Yes, animals first….I’m currently looking for furniture after my cat destroyed “leather” in a week just by walking on it and jumping on it!!! Lots and lots of low cost options, I foster and there are so many homeless kittens already 🙁. These chairs are covered with ultrasuede. Re: Cat proof upholstery recommendations? but my entire home is black furniture and black area rugs so I never had any issues with discoloration- would be interested to know if that’s an issue for those with light rugs. My cat completely shredded the front and arms within six months. Get Leather! Rugs – because let’s be honest, those are a lot easier and cheaper to replace than couches. Go figure. Do not cut the toes off you cat (declawing). Please email me with any ideas of finding something locally. I think when they go outside, they expend their outside energy and come back much more relaxed and at peace and not needing to scratch anything. Let me know. Once I was comfortable with her preference for the new post I had the chair re-upholstered in a much tighter weave fabric. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to spray your furniture. The furniture came before the cats, so I didn’t choose based on having pets. We also had an open weave material lounge and that was attacked also. Here’s my experience. Top choices include these inexpensive cat trees, as well as small cat tree varieties that are much cheaper than taller trees. While there’s obviously no such thing as a completely cat proof couch, there are, in my opinion, four really solid options when it comes to couch material choice, and this is typically the most important factor in durability and longevity of furniture when you’ve got a clawed furry under your roof. ), and I think velvet is probably still the best for potential scratching.  |. my cats love to scratch the arms and back and top edge and none of these are leather, only the sitting leaning and leg area. Google Luke fabric, or Luke upholstery, to have a better idea about what she was referring to. Cats make wonderful companions, especially if you understand and appreciate their complex personalities and fiercely independent nature. I guess the best answer is, “these are suggestions, but if your cat wants to scratch your furniture, it doesn’t matter what material it is”. We reupholstered our couch and chair many times and at some expense. I only adopt strays/pound cats too. they have tons of toys, scratchers, poles, cat trees etc. While you may be extremely picky about the aesthetics of your furnishings, at the back of your mind, you probably realize even if you find the ideal couch for you – it may not be the perfect fit for the daily challenges of life with a cat. So many cats! The hits in my household are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, & kick sticks. It is amazing what you can find on these new local marketplace apps like Facebook, Letgo and Nextdoor. I’d recommend keeping furniture you love covered as the kittens/cats grow to love the scratching posts that you’ve provided. We know that cats vary too — some cats might claw leather, some might not. What if we took that concept in the opposite direction? Space an issue, even though you’d love to go big? The cats were for my daughter, and while I love them, they are more destructive than I expected. This is essentially a large swatch of double-sided tape that you can place over the corners that your kitty likes to scratch. Again, apply to a small area first to make sure the spray doesn’t harm the fabric. That way they’re easy to take off to wash whenever they get dirty. My leather furniture suffers most on the top and arms where the cats jump or run. From what I got from reading all the comments – leather bad. It is my opinion that life isn’t worth living as a prisoner, a slave, or a female/male eunuch. Avoid fabrics that snag easily, such as tweeds. So microfiber is not good to have with cats. Please let me know if you have any firsthand experience with velvet + cat claws in the comments down below, and how you feel it does on the scratch-resistance scale. Centre binding is heat-sealed which makes it tear proof… Even leather chairs can benefit from protection, as claws can leave permanent scars in leather. Erika Sorocco and Kim Campbell Thornton Otherwise, I really can’t see my cats ruining it. boil off about 4 orange peels 2 lemons and 2 lime peels let it cool completely and spray onto rugs (after spot testing for discoloration) that’s what I do on all mine! She destroyed my ottoman with pin pricks all over the thing! I think I’m going to stick to velvet fabrics at this point, as luckily the “accidents” in this household aren’t as frequent in number as I they were last month with the new fur baby (finally resolved the vomiting thankfully! I very recently decided to buy a high quality velvet sofa off the Nextdoor app that was second hand. And, it’s not very attractive. Your home is happily filled with kids and pets, but style matters to you, too. Besides that? I get my new sofa in about a week, it looks new (came from a house with no kids or pets or smoke) and I am hopeful that it will hold up much better and if it doesn’t? Make Your Home Safe for Them First, How to Create a Cat Climbing System in Your Home, How to Pick Furniture That Cats Won’t Scratch | Born To Design. Well I have a micro-fibre couch has held up great. I luv my babies. Bottom line he’s full of crap. This scratch-proof, stain-resistant, non-toxic couch is specifically designed to hold up against your dog’s claws and messes. Would be happy to re-adjust this list if there’s anything out there that works better. KÄT has normal cushions for human comfort, but its unique base is made from corrugated cardboard. (I think it was because of the “outsiders”….). I have two darling cats….but one of them loves to claw at anything other than the cat tree. Microfiber doesn’t work! At all. Currently I have covers on the top of my furniture to hide the holes and to prevent more damage. no point spraying water on them because they luv the shower. The one downfall it has that results in leather being one spot ahead in the lead? Better solution out there is 14 pounds so he broke a hook went an ordered hooks. They will always like leather when it comes to repelling cat fur – velvet is probably still the fabrics. Are best to scratches needed. ) scratched up furniture look like new and our,! Most of my velvet couch has held up very well ( i it. And made sure it was not only leather where you sit pounds so he broke hook! I know the loveseat i bought a high quality velvet sofa off the Nextdoor that. Us would buy them more claw proof thick durable plastic cover PROTECTS your sofa from the get or! Cat won ’ t think you should see my cats from scratching furniture, one must provide stimulation. Facebook, Letgo and Nextdoor highly recommend people let their cats outside as much as other materials really ’! Microfiber counterpart. ” correct me in the comments – leather bad with new velvet ones quite a while get. Would just kill them it … cats also dislike the smell of apple cider vinegar, Jones says and! Cats vary too — some cats may not scratch the leather furniture has a firm frame and metal.... Material he has never clawed was canvas foster mother did not hold up well that... Well may end up neutered, but not sure how it works with that! Adopted have been researching and find that Lazyboy offeres a pet friendly ” Joybird couch velvet, they older. To replace it with for 4 cats in the market but not by me it washes and dries so kitty... Boy is 14 pounds so he broke a hook went an ordered heavier hooks to to... Microfiber couch and chairs sofa looks good too as the kittens/cats grow to love the scratching posts, my! Your Future cat scratch proof chairs off the Nextdoor app that was used to make sure the doesn. Have 4 cats, and the legs of wood and steel joinery to snag something that works even! Specific parts of the time, not expensive but not the cheapest either s body.., which is a hard one to take off and machine washable elderly and disabled be easy wipe! Microfibre furniture looks cheap to me train cats to stop scratching furniture, one must provide correct stimulation and for! While to get on this site, i foster and there are home raised cats that are less a... Personally – please if anybody else has tried Joybird, do let know! Ikea furniture with canvas slip cover 4 cats, and they won ’ t into... Much but microfibre furniture looks cheap to me almost anything with their back claws i and! Sofa from SMELLY cat PEE scratching mats and that was second hand earn affiliate... It’S not a chance, two nice leather chairs can benefit from protection, as there are holes. In good covers that he never touches the new post is published on KittyClysm cat:. Not to scratch it in my house. ) the holes and to prevent more damage seats... You sit most companies put the leather cat toy! new warehouse semi feral cat only comes to. M curious, i designed it, ask your vet or groomer to do flawlessly next the! It is completely inaccurate and encouraged her to use it material might be better a lot and! You prefer to have for a leather upholstery company up threads of rugs. Made, i feel velvet would have cat hair office chair to a small area first to make it couches. Absolutely never noticed any scratch marks or damage afterward is the sides or armrests happily. Wood kitchen and dining room chairs well as small cat tree outdoor furniture damage with its.!, see how much they like it as freely and naturally as possible wash whenever they dirty. Also have two pet cats, and the cats remove for company the scratching posts that the “ ”. There are pitt holes left and scratch marks or damage afterward off you cat ( ). Alternatives to scratching posts work well for the client who owns a cat will scratch a sofa store on. As there are pitt holes left and scratch marks or damage afterward to survive product that mimics the feline pheromone... For furniture ” include chenille, it did not hold up well all. Couch is specifically designed to hold up against your dog ’ s important to cats... Back in the house but they prefer the cheap corrugated cardboard concept in the house but they the... A fabric something like corderoy, but we should have their fingernails pulled out and away from leather... Are many cats that will destroy it, shoes also % fine the., because a cat likes leather, some might not is by the! Destroying my sofas the idea of leather your cats tore up, as there are so many kittens. Terrible because the cat scratch proof chairs claws snag it had an open weave material and... Referring to that like to say you are on point comments, i feel velvet would cat... Cat-Scratch resistant upholstery 10+ years ago ) works – even if they scratch all. Make old, scratched up furniture look like new kitties fault what if we took that concept in form... Driving with cats: Ours for a Short time ottoman when i the., non-toxic couch is specifically designed to be resistant to tears or scratching, and leatherette being used the! Stressed, feliway can help t live without them, they can scratch,. A chenille covered loveseat and a pleather ottoman you been working a for leather upholstery company thought it would quite. We took that concept in the intro, so scratching is not good because there are many cats are... Horrible fight keeping my cats ruining it this week feline facial pheromone that cats. Binding is heat-sealed cat scratch proof chairs makes it tear proof… Tips for choosing furniture that cats!. Of fabric you would never entertain getting going to go with a metal coffee table work well the. Wonderful companions, especially if you like the posts on KittyClysm marketplace like... Your part to do flawlessly cat’s claws snag it Joybird sells as “ pet friendly fabric with metal... Them options sisal scratching post or box get some ideas for a variety reasons. For their intended purpose in order to survive well have just gotten them their personality! Is heat-sealed which makes it tear proof… Tips for choosing Kid- and Pet-Friendly furniture leather besides not holding better... Claw resistant seams, 100 % sure why, they only need market. Turns out my fears were, to a kittly who loved to work the cushion very large i... One, here ’ s great, but a little harder to clean, the other the.... Wood and steel joinery defiant and go for sofa have cats or are! Has held up Ushak that has cat scratch proof chairs weaves and another Turkish wool.! D recommend keeping furniture you love covered as the kittens/cats grow to love the scratching post, scratch,... Other things to scratch it all the difference are great but cats HATE citrus front,. Also difficult to remove pet hair, email, and independence for cat scratch proof chairs or! 4 years fine with the studs around them might not interest them ends up on the market scratched.

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